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Logo Designing

"Behind the brand's triumph is a well designed LOGO"

As a reputed logo design company in India with over 15 years of expertise, we at Galagali Multimedia reckon a great logo design is more than a gorgeous kind or fancy images. It is a personality for your business or brand.

  • We perfectly design visually compelling logos that has a great concept behind it.
  • Our logo designers have verified skills in building logos for esteemed brands.
  • Our custom logo package comprise of logo user guide for your correct usage associated with logo.
  • We likewise develop collaterals such as business a card, letterheads along with envelops.

Our Logo Designing Process

Brand Research Once we are completely clear on the requirement, our branding guys initiate on the job. We research your brand's current positioning on the market and analyze their strengths and weak spots. We compare the brand using its direct and indirect competitors. We share the end result of the research with the client, providing roadmap on how the logo needs to be positioned.
Concept Creation Once the client provides green signal upon our approach, the logo team starts building design mockups. Unlike many logo design companies, our mockups tend to be fully designed logos rather than sketches or scribbles. We present around 6-7 preliminary designs.
Collateral Designs Once the logo design is confirmed, we go up to creating design themes for collaterals like PowerPoint and Microsoft Word as well as business cards, letterheads and envelops. We will likely provide the logo file in assortment of file formats including EPS, PSD, Jpeg and Tiff. For logo design projects for more substantial business entities, we also deliver reveal logo user handbook and design themes for uniforms, firm vehicles, billboards etc.
Production & Top quality Control The final part that accomplishes the affiliate relationship triangle is the customer. The customer is the one who essentially sees the ad and then acts upon it. They will be taken from the publisher’s website to the advertiser’s to fulfill the action, whether that is purchasing a product or carrying out a lead; either way when this is complete we call it a conversion.