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CD Presentation

"CD Presentation: A Novel Way to Seek Customer Attention"

Our interactive multimedia corporate presentations incorporated in a CD-ROM, new product launch info CD's, CBTs and multimedia CD catalogs would provide your web site with an edge that would help you attain higher recognition and recall from your prospects.

We've got always wondered as to how to make simple messages stimulating, and complex messages simple to communicate. The answer lies at the hub of Multimedia technology. By utilizing the best creative magic of Audio, Video, Voice Images, Artwork, Animation, Emotion, Thought and Creativity; Simple messages are made appealing, and tremendously intricate or technical messages may be communicated without making viewers yawn.

The CD Presentations of our Multimedia developers would provide you with an ideal platform to be noticed in the group of websites. Your clients and prospective customers would be able to receive comprehensive information in an engaging and interactive approach, making them much better than those provided by your competition.

Our interactive CD presentations incorporated in a CD-ROM, New Product/Service launch info Compact disks, CBTs and multimedia CD catalogs would provide your website with an edge that could help you accomplish higher recognition and recall from prospects.

Our Multimedia/CD Presentation Process is as follows:
  • Concept script development
  • Design framework
  • Voiceover
  • Anchoring and Delivery
Why choose us?
  • We assist you in transferring your print catalog, website, your product photographs and your company profile into one single CD.
  • We will help you out in creating eye-catching multimedia CD presentation designs and appealing CD designs of catalogs.